How do I make a reservation for a session?
Using the reservation form avalable from our website, fill out the necessary information and email or fax it to us. One of our staff will contact you in 48 hours. Please note that there are tiime when our staff our all off site, and in some cases overseas, in which may cause a delay in contacting you. We will do everything possible to prevent such delays.

If you do not hear back from us after 4 days, your reservation form may not have be received by us due to system malfunction or for other unknown reasons. In this case, please resend the reservation form to us.

Click here to go to Reservation Form / Click to start reservation

How far in advance should I make the reservation?
If you prefer the session to be held on weekends, we recommend at least two months in advance. Otherwise, we will be flexible in meeting your desired session date.

When is the best time for the newborn session to take place?
The best time for a newborn session is within 3-14days after birth.
There are circumstances when your baby may have to be photographed later (such as a longer hospital stay.),but in general we want to photograph your baby as soon as after birth as possible.This gives us the best chance to get those sweet,sleepy,curly shots.
Ofcause we always work for those open awake shots too!

Is there anything I need to prepare before the session?
Our staff will come to your location for the session. There is nothing in particular that you will need to prepare for the photo shoot. However, you will want to have plenty of baby supplies (baby food, diapers, etc.) and clothing.

Won't it be cold for the baby to shoot him/her naked?
We will have the room temperature set higher than normal so that it is warm enough for the baby. We will also bring with us a heater specifically for your baby. Your baby is our priority number one.

Does Brilliant offer rental dresses and ornaments?
Yes, we do. We have a variety of selections for you to choose from, including clothing and accessories prepared domestically as well as overseas. Our staff will be more than happy to consult with you on your needs.

Does Brilliant provide makeup services?
Our staff can help you with some simple hair arrangement and setup at the time of the session. If you require any special hair arrangements, please let us know in the consulting session. We can arrange a hair stylist that provide the necessary services

Does Brilliant offer nail art services?
We do not offer nail services. Our recommendation is to avoid nail art. Hands are often a vital part of a maternity portrait and thus keeping a natural looking hands and fingertips is often the better option.

Can my children be at the session?
Yes, of course. Many of our maternity session clients include those who are pregnant with their second or third child. The session is held at your own home, so your children can play at home while the session takes place or even participate in the session.

How much time is needed to setup the photoshoot?
The time will vary depending on the condition of the session location. In general, a session is 4 hours. Of that 4 hours, a minimum of 30 minutes will be needed to setup the photo studio.

Can a session take more than 4 hours?
That depends a lot on the baby's mood. Unlike photographing adults, baby's are very unpredictable. Some babies cry for a long period of time in which case our staff will consult with you on the length of the photo session. If you have other appointment,Please let us know.

Must I be with the baby the entire time of the session?
Not at all. As long as our staff can reach you immediately, you are more than welcome to step aside and read a book, watch a show on TV, chat with your friends or get a quick rest. Again, the session takes place at your home and we want you to feel relax.

Can my pet be present at the session?

Can parents and friends be at the session?
Absolutely. A maternity session can often be a very warming and delightful event. Having your parents or friends close during the session can also help ease some of your tensions, resulting in a more natural expression.

Can I bring family and friends?
Absolutely, Yes! Please bring anyone you want and enjoy your time at our studio.

Should I bring anything?
Bring diapers, milk, extra clothes and other necessary for your baby.
If you wish to eat and drink, Please do prepare some food and drink for yourself.
Please feel at home!

If there are personal items to use for photography, Please consult with a coordinator.

Is there a parking lot?
We don’t have a parking space.
We’ll show you a nearby coin parking lot. The closest one is right next to our building.

Can I get off a taxi right in front of the studio?

Can I grab a taxi near the studio?
There is a major street a couple blocks away. Our stuff will go and grab a taxi for you.

Is it walking distance from the nearest station?

Does the cost of the baby photo shoot Events differ each time?
Yes. The pricing of our Event will vary depending on contents and location. Please be sure to check our News & Information section for upcoming events and event details.

What is the different between event and Newborn baby session?
Major differeces are time available for each client, contents and level of personalization among other things.

A maternity session is a personal materniaty portrait session taylored to your needs and preferences. We begin by setting up a photo studio on location which means that the session can take place in your home or at your hospital room (Private room only) location of your choosing.

What are the available payment methods?
We accept cash payment on the day of your session or bank deposit one day before the session (any bank transaction fees are responsible by the customer). We currently do not accept credit cards.

What is your cancellation policy?
We accept cancellation without charge up to 24 hours in advance of a scheduled session. If you are suddenly not feeling well, please be sure to give us a call to cancel your session. Please note that you can also re-schedule your session instead of cancel.

Is it possible to re-schedule a session?
Yes. Please contact our staff to make scheduling changes.
If a notice to re-schedule is less than 24 hours prior to the session, there will be a re-scheduling fee of 50% of the session fee.

What if I have more questions?
Please feel free to contact us. We can schedule a phone consultation to discuss your session,ideas and any questions you may have in detail.Please be sure to include several convenient times/days for this consultation call.

Commercial inquiries are welcome.Please use the contact form to contact us for more info.