Your pregnancy is one of most important event that delivers the most precious gifts of all, a new life.
And, it is one of the most glorious times in a woman’s life.
Maternity photography celebrates a woman’s radiance and newfound curves, and captures the beauty and sensuality of impending motherhood.
This is your chance to preserve these memories visually through the lens of a camera.
Maternity photography by Brilliant is designed to capture the essence of motherhood.
Spouses/partners and children are welcome to be included in your session.
For a single birth, four to six weeks prior to your due date is a good time for this session.

Please plan the Maternity Session for approximately three hours, which includes studio setup time at the location of your choosing.
Woman will want to pay special attention to hair and makeup.
Ladies with longer hair should wear it in a style that can easily be removed from the face.
We also recommend that you wear loose fitting clothing and undergarments in order to minimize lines caused by elastics.
While waistbands, bras and panties are particular culprits, socks and footwear can also leave marks as well.
Please keep in mind that your hands and feet may be photographed, too
We have a variety of wraps and draping for you, as well as a selection of flowers, head ornaments and dresses are available.
We also have a special collection of Japanese decorative items prepared by Japanese artists.
You can wear as much or as little as you like.
If you wish to prepare your own clothing for the photo shoot, here are some good examples:
a pair of black yoga/lounge pants and black tank top, matching bra and panty, white tank top or camisole, a pretty dress or skirt and blue jeans.
Try to avoid maternity jeans with panels and elastic waistbands.
Regular jeans with buttons or zippers undone look better.
Clothing for men is quite basic. A good example would be a pair of blue jeans, a white shirt or t-shirt (or black shirt or t-shirt).
Our English speaking coordinator will help you customize your session.